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nine names and nine runes and twice nine charms

today is my day.

Wednesday is a con artist. He is also a god. This combination is very good for him, and very bad for your pockets.

You did check your pockets, right?


Wednesday stands about six feet tall, with dark reddish hair and grey eyes. The left one is glass, but it's difficult to tell. He has an animated face and takes "a deep, cynical joy" in words. Wednesday is from Neil Gaiman's fantastic book American Gods, and enters Tabula Rasa after his death in the middle of the book.

initial inventory :
dark grey suit (jacket and trousers), boxer shorts, undershirt, black buttonup shirt, dark green tie, socks, dark grey loafers
silver tie pin in the shape of a tree, hammered silver cufflinks
a black and silver Rolex watch

contents of pockets :
$243 in American tender
a silver dollar
a few pebbles
an eight-inch length of rope
a pack of Lucky Strikes with two cigarettes missing
a silver zippo lighter, unengraved, half full of lighter fluid

Wednesday's cigarettes are long gone, though he does manage to trade, borrow or steal them at pertinent times. He has lately been joined by his fellow ex-deities Eostre of the Dawn and Low Key Lyesmith. He lives in the compound, sharing a dorm room with Low Key.

i don't own wednesday or american gods, neil gaiman does, because he's cooler than everyone. i am not nor do i own al pacino either, more's the pity. this is just for fun and roleplaying at the_blank_slate.